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October’s Reality 2018

I have special people who always remind me to stay the course... thank you
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Hard Work+Faith=Dreams DO Come True!! (September 2018)

"Faithful people are like trees that grow beside a river and their roots extend to the deep parts of the river where there is a...
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What is impossible…really isn’t, as long as YOU work for it!

As I look out within the city skyline and think of all the bitter-sweet memories of Chi-town, one thing is for sure,  I have been...
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Summer Reflections….August 2018

While The Latin Phoenix misses the STAGE, the last 5 years have been a time when reflection and priorities take place.  If you...
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The Latin Phoenix’s EXCITING NEWS!!!-July 2018

Much to our surprise and not so much, I saw my Best Friend in a new light.  Life brings its twists, turns and the outcomes are always.
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The Latin Phoenix School Of Thoughts-Reflections-June 2018

As I hugged the last of my 8th graders to wish them well on their next journey to "area high schools," I am left with a sense of...
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UK Based Jazz Juice Radio and The Latin Phoenix heating things up in Chi-Town!

WHAT A GREAT SURPRISE from Frank Toohey, Anne Hempsey, AND JAZZ JUICE Radio!! True to their word, they boarded the plane and flew in...
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Jazz Juice Radio Visits The Latin Phoenix ALL the way from London, UK!

We are excited to announce that Frank Toohey-Owner of Jazz Juice Radio in London, UK will be visiting The Latin Phoenix on March 20,...
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National Best Seller “Home-Where Everyone IS Welcome”

I am reminded that WE are all part of this beautiful tapestry of life. I am inspired by the knowledge that if it wasn't for every...
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The Latin Phoenix®™ gets a visit from The Chicago Tribune!

The Latin Phoenix®™ sends a shout out to Mark Danahey, who is a news reporter from The Chicago Tribune/Courier.He took the time...
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THE LATIN PHOENIX®™ and Jazz Juice Radio Project

THE LATIN PHOENIX®™ is excited to announce that confirmation for the upcoming album has been fully endorsed by Frank Toohey and his.
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